Successful to Cut Hair of Young Children – Tips & Triks

So that the toddler wants to be shaved or cut his hair, special tricks are needed. Remember, your child hasn’t really understood this activity; he is not a schoolboy, a teenager, or an adult who thinks enough or haircut is normal. Maybe the toddlers are so scared when they see the strands of hair falling, there are sharp scissors that “pierce” his head, his body is crushed, and others. So? Here are 10 successful tricks to cut or shave toddler hair.

1. Explain the process.

The first thing to do is to explain the process of cutting hair but not by saying the word “cut” because it can make a child afraid. Start by saying that the child’s hair is long and needs to be tidied up, then explain if we will take him to a place that will tidy up his hair. Also say, in the haircut there is a toy, a seat in the shape of a car, or other objects that attract his attention. That is, you have to find a place that has these facilities or bring your own toys from home.

2. Choose the right place.

We recommend that you choose a place or salon specifically for children or who usually shave a child’s hair because they really understand how to cut your child’s hair. An inappropriate place, such as a haircut that specifically handles older and bigger children, will overwhelm us and the barber to calm our children.

3. Invite to watch other children cut their hair.

By providing the experience of watching other children who are being cut off their hair, it can increase the toddler’s confidence. Surely looking for a calm child when cut off by his hair. If other children do not cry, feel fine, then the child’s confidence will appear to do the same. Overcome the child who is being shaved, pay attention, if necessary touch and invite him to talk. Show pleasant expressions. Children often feel jealous of us so they want to cut their hair.

4. Wear a hat.

We can wear children visor caps or hats that are often used to play tennis or golf. The goal is so that the child does not see the cukut cut his hair and does not see falling hair. Also give the items he likes like powder so he focuses on the powder, not on his hair. Isn’t toddlers like to play powder?

5. Put the child in a comfortable chair.

In some places specifically for children’s haircut, the chairs are various models, some are in the form of cars, animals, or other unique shapes. Apart from being comfortable, such chairs make children very interested so that their hair has been unconsciously cut. If it is still difficult to sit on a chair, we can hold it while keeping it calm.

6. Give the toy he likes.

Bring your favorite toys, whether it’s cars, dolls, pistols, blow balloons, or others. We recommend that the toy can light up, sound, and move so the child likes it more. Even better if a new toy so that the child is not tired of playing it. With interesting toys in his hand, children can not care about the barber.

7. Don’t come closer and walk back and forth.

When the child has been handled properly by the barber, our position should not be too close because he could be back fussing for us to carry. Do not also walk back and forth and be seen by the child, because the child’s head will move left and right following our movements. This will make it difficult for the barber to even harm the child’s head.

8. Stand next to the child.

If it turns out that the child does not want to be left, sit or stand next to the child while asking him to calm down and follow the barber’s instructions. If necessary, join in with what the child does to the toy so that he continues to be in a comfortable position.

9. Use a small ball.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to cut the back hair of a child because it is difficult to ask to bow. We can use small rubber balls. Ask the child to clamp the ball with his chin, give an example then invite him to play. Usually the child will be happy to do so the barber can freely cut the back of the hair.

10. Pause when the child cries.

When in the middle of cutting hair, children struggling, kicking, crying, and others, you should stop cutting hair. After the child is calm, we can continue again. But if you don’t calm down, you can make it, stop it altogether, and come back later. It is very dangerous if you continue to cut hair when the child is not calm.

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