Tips for Going to the Beach with A Baby

Tips for Going to the Beach with A Baby

Beach is one of the most enjoyable vacation spots with family. For little ones, the beach can be a new place to explore and get to know more things.

However, is it actually possible or not to vacation with the baby to the beach? Of course you can, but Moms must pay attention to a number of important things below.

Pay attention to the weather

Before inviting the little one to the beach, Moms first needs to pay attention to the weather. If the day is raining, too hot or a lot of wind, surely Moms may not take the baby to the beach. Conversely, if the weather is clean or bright enough, Moms can bring your child to the beach.

Don’t forget to put on a hat to keep your child from direct exposure to the sun which is very dangerous. If necessary, Moms can also pair special glasses so that their eyes do not glare. Moms can put baby sunblock on the skin. Including Moms do not need to wear open clothes on the little one.

Vacation on Clean Beach

Vacation to the beach with a baby, meaning Moms must choose a clean beach while also being well maintained. If your child can sit alone, pay attention so that during play the little one does not eat or enter anything he finds on the beach into his mouth. Like eating sand or drinking sea water.

If the atmosphere of the beach that Moms visit with your child is crowded with visitors. It’s better to get your child to play on the beach. Occasionally Moms can introduce sea water to your little one, but still pay attention to his safety.

Make sure the baby wears shoes

When walking on the beach, Moms certainly often find the presence of shells, glass and gravel that are very dangerous. Even though it hasn’t been able to walk, if the little one can already sit alone on the beach, these objects risk hurting him. Beach sand is no less dangerous for babies. The beach sand texture is indeed soft, but hot beach sand can make your little one burn.

Therefore, make sure the clothes that your child wears are really safe and able to protect them from these hazards. Including putting shoes on your little one. Every time you finish playing, clean your little one then apply telon oil to the baby’s body to help warm it.

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Enough for Baby’s Liquid Needs During Vacation on the Beach

The weather on the beach tends to be hot, so Moms need to meet the baby’s fluid needs well. Give your child enough to drink, whether breastmilk or formula milk if he is under 6 months and water if your child has consumed MPASI.

Bring Mat, Blankets and Beach Towels

Large mats, blankets and beach towels will certainly need Moms as a place to rest on the beach. In addition, Moms can also lay your child on a mat and blanket that has been brought. If you want to lay your baby down, don’t forget to bring a large umbrella that protects your child from sun exposure.

Bring the Stroller

Moms can use the stroller for various functions. Not only makes Moms easier to carry your little one, the stroller can also be used to transport various equipment that is brought to the beach.

Matter aged

The big question for several folks is, “at what age am i able to take my baby to the beach?” though there’s no precise answer, there area unit several approximate and approximate. during this sense, the skin of babies in their 1st months aged is incredibly sensitive. The result of the sun, the abrasion of hot sand, sweat or ocean salt will cause irritations.

In this sense, we tend to suggest that you just wait at ten months aged to require you to the beach for the primary time.


Obviously, you want to confirm that your baby’s skin is totally protected. Thus, youngsters over six months will use specific sun blocker for babies, with the best level of protection, immune to water and, preferably, physical filter. in contrast to chemical filter sunscreens, they are doing not absorb the elements and don’t cause harm to sensitive skin.

Also, cowl your legs and arms with shirts and pants clear cotton or breathable materials (never synthetic). always remember your hat which it’s as long as attainable below the umbrella, each on the towel and in your seat, after you take him for a walk.

Hydration in the slightest degree times

Infants tend to remain well hydrous with breast milk out there, though it’s better to hold a thermal bag together with your bottle, likewise as (for slightly older babies) segments and items of fruit (tangerines, orange, melon pieces), nectarine… ) made in water and contemporary. confine mind that the smaller a baby is, the additional risk he runs from dehydration.

Well, so are some holiday preparations for the beach with the baby. Does Moms have other tips when you want to take your child on vacation to the beach?

Who says babies can’t travel? Yes, even if parents forbid, actually for reasons of avoiding unwanted things happen. Naturally, because the baby’s immune system is still weak and can be easily exposed to harmful bacteria or viruses.

Besides that, traveling with babies will indeed be complicated. Yes, just staying at home is already complicated, is it a walk right? What is certain is more luggage, and many conditions must be met. Like the choice of modes of transportation and accommodation that must be baby friendly.

Means, enjoying traveling with a baby is not an impossible thing right? The following are all kinds of traveling with babies based on my experiences of traveling with baby Ranu.

How Old Is the Baby Strong enough to be Traveling?

I remember the first time I planned to travel by plane with baby Ranu. I’m pretty upset when I’m going to buy a ticket. Because the age of Ranu is not even one month old. Can you not take a plane? Is it safe to take a baby on a plane?

Then I tried to find an answer. Incidentally the ticket I want to buy is AirAsia. Understandably, more promos. To be fast, I asked some of the AirAsia crew I knew.
9 days old? Really fragile, huh? Yes, really! That’s why I have to be extra careful too. At least until the age of 3 months the baby is still very fragile. After 3 months, the baby is quite strong even though it’s still too small.

But some fairly fat babies certainly don’t look too small anymore. Same as Ranu, who is already very young at the age of 2 months. Not uncomfortable anymore when I want to carry. But yes, because of that fat, it makes neck pain if you carry it.

After the problem was solved for the age requirement, then I also had to make sure that I would bring a traveling baby. Yes, as I have often said. The main requirement if you want to travel with children and baby is DARE, DARE, DARE! Yes, Mental Preparation is a must!

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