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One of the things that can make parents dizzy is when they have difficulty eating. Yes no, Bun? If that’s the case, as parents, we are afraid that nothing will happen to the child because he doesn’t want to eat.

Calm down, Bun, said nutritionist Nishta Saxena, toddlers are temperamental figures when it comes to food. That is, getting sick and even trivial things like the first day left in a daycare can change the child’s eating routine. Then, preference for taste and how much portion you want to eat is a natural thing experienced by toddlers because children are building independence.

“Whatever the reason toddlers do not want to eat, this usually happens several days or weeks and generally does not have a significant impact on children’s health. However, there is something that needs to be considered by parents. As long as child development still fits the growth curve, it doesn’t matter,” Nishta said from the Today Parent.

Conversely, if the child’s weight drops dramatically and he cannot reach his milestone, Nishta suggests that parents immediately invite the child to check with the doctor, Bun. Don’t forget, said Nishta, toddlers need to be taught to look for signs of fullness and hunger. So, when the child doesn’t want to eat it doesn’t need to force him to spoon food twice for example.

Besides that, Mother also needs to know that sometimes children refuse to eat their food as a form of resistance to parents, not because they don’t like it. Well, so that children do not make eating as a place to fight parents, Nishta said, try to create a pleasant dining atmosphere. What do you do?

Sit together at the dining table without distracting the gadget. Then invite the child to talk about something fun and avoid coercing the child while eating. Create eating activities as a routine and patience. Yes, it takes ten to 15 times to be offered for children to try new foods. Then, don’t have expectations too big. It’s normal for toddlers not to be too good at bribing food.

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How to Get a Picky Eater to Eat Toddler from Picky Eater to Eat,

Next is a normal behavior when a toddler shows when eating:

1. Refuse food based on texture or color
2. Choosing several types of food, don’t even want to eat that food at all
3. Don’t want to try new food
4. Not interested in the food he usually likes
5. Just want to bribe food with a spoon or fork only

Mother and Father can provide a variety of nutritious food choices and here is the key to patience, In addition, it is also important to build healthy eating habits, namely:

1. Give the child a chance to determine how much food is consumed. Serve small portions of food first, Bun, then add if the child wants to add.
2. Don’t get bored offering new kids.
3. Involve children in making food. For example when shopping or cooking. It was stated, when children participated in preparing food, he became more eager to eat these foods.
4. Make food interesting. Mother can make food an attractive form.
5. Give the child choices. Rather than just providing vegetables, give your child the choice of whether she wants to eat broccoli or spinach for example.
6. Serve new foods in combination with old foods. This increases the chance for children to try new foods.
7. Give an example. If you want children to have healthy eating habits, parents also need to practice this habit. Yes no, Bun?
8. Tell your child the importance of healthy eating habits and what the consequences are if they don’t do it. The method can be through story books or educational videos.

experts claim they can cure picky eaters in three steps
Experts claim there s a simple cure for picky eaters from Picky Eater to Eat,

Start terribly small: once attempting one thing new for your child, do not provide an outsized portion. begin with atiny low piece sort of a little crumble of cheese, one pea or a small bite of noodle and encourage them to do it by telling them they’ll end uptake it in an exceedingly second and so have their favorite food. If your child chow the new food, increase the portion next time and follow with what they already prefer to eat.

Be Patient and keep on with it: this could sound easier aforementioned than done to several oldsters, however you’ve got in all probability detected it that a child should attempt one thing ten to fifteen times before he or she likes it. however the great issue to grasp is that it gets easier once a child tastes new food the primary time. Some settle for the food when six or seven tries. do not rush; provide the child your time thus he does not feel pushed, that may reverse the method.

To avoid ruination your time for dinner for the entire family, it’s higher to supply new foods throughout snack time.

Balance Snacks and Drinks: If your tyke drinks liquids, like juices, water and milk all day, he or she is going to be full by time for dinner and presumably will not eat something. the simplest method is to balance the feeding time for youths by giving three meals and one to 3 snacks at somewhat consistent times.

A lot of youngsters UN agency eat a lot of snack foods and drink fluids all day refuse to simply accept new foods.

Peer Pressure: typically|this can be} a technique I detected of often and works for many moms. Invite your child’s friends or favorite full cousin, neighbor for lunch and provide them foods you would like your kid to do. after they see their friends uptake it, presumably they’d prefer to attempt it likewise. Kid’s prefer to do things their friends do. thus it works pretty much. that’s the explanation youngsters attempt new foods a lot of in school after they see different classmates uptake it, it makes them interested a minimum of to do one thing they see others doing.

Focus on Flavor and Texture: If youngsters don’t love one thing they see, they’ll be hesitant to do it. you ought to specialize in the feel of the food. Some youngsters don’t love to do huge items or firm food. attempt other ways with constant food and see if they’ll it. as an example create puree, or smoothie to envision if they’d just like the flavor of constant food they were avoiding. It’s alright to puree food for a five year previous meticulous eater. Same with the opposite kind, if your child likes firm food, or tasteful, provide them likewise.

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