8 Games for Youth Leadership Training

Games for Youth Leadership Training Elegant 10 Games that Prove Your Youth Pastor Has totally Lost

Are you looking for an innovative approach to teach youth leadership skills and principles? In addition to being a great option, educational games engage and inspire. This article recommends eight strong potentials for in-school programs and youth seminars.


· Everyday Leadership Cards

Everyday Leadership Cards pack a punch! Each card contains either a writing or discussion prompt. For example, participants might be asked to explain how they would respond to a scenario applying critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. At the same time, students are challenged to explore values and increase their vocabulary; the definition of a term is placed on each card.

So, what makes this card game unique? In addition to providing you with a unique teaching tool, it can be used in a variety of ways. One is to combine the cards with another lesson. Another is to use the prompts for essays or journal writing. Third, the cards could be topics for group projects.

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· Thinkpak

Like the former, Thinkpak comprises a deck of cards. These, however, covers questions and application of Michael Michalko’s techniques. Who is Michael Michalko? And how did this game develop? A former officer in the United States Army, he assembled the top experts in academics and intelligence around the world to research and apply all creative ways to solve social, political, and military problems. This game became an outgrowth of his work.

By brainstorming and thinking outside the box, Michalko invites students to oppose his theories. The deck of cards might also be used as prompts for writing or research. Students could work individually or in groups

· Leadership Lessons in a Jar

Is your jar half empty or half-full? Well leadership lessons in a jar brims with 101 wisdom cards. The lessons teach values, morality, human relations, and more. Ask students to share their reaction and/or interpretation. You’ll initiate lively discussions or essays. Think of unique ways to integrate them into group projects.

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· Leadership Word Cloud

Mix everything with a puzzle. we try to buy one, and combine 4 or five. Then, you can divide the class into small groups. However, take one piece of each puzzle. Watch to see how the group responds. How many times for students to realize that something is wrong with the puzzle, maybe something is missing? They will certainly look for answers outside the group? Cloud Leadership Word contains 30 pieces with terms. This supplies a new way to teach vocabulary too.

· Chill Skills in a Jar

This game introduces coping skills for anger. What an appropriate topic especially with all the violence occurring in our communities and schools. Youth need to understand anger, learn positive ways to handle it, and maintain healthy relationships. This jar has 101 cards that you can combine with an anger management tips for teens book.

· Conflict Resolution Thumball

Differences and contradictions are facts, and students need to develop skills to solve them. Stir the ball and the recipient responds to a request or question under his thumb. The conflict resolution window can serve as an opening conversation or activity to summarize important points.

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10 Games That Prove Your Youth Pastor Has Totally Lost from Games for Youth Leadership Training, source:www.longroom.com

· Choices in a Jar

Choices in Jar make suggestions for critical thinking and one way to train to make better decisions. The jar holds 101 cards with interesting situations. Each dilemma strengthens the relationship between choices and consequences.

Introducing the concept of leadership for a child is an easy and difficult thing. In fact, often, the introduction of inappropriate leadership concepts actually makes them think that being a leader is to be someone who is brave, arrogant, selfish, or wants the attention of many people.

Even though, as we know, it is very far from the concept of the real leader. A leader must be able to inspire others with his talents because they recognize him, be trusted because they can trust themselves, can express themselves to the world easily because they don’t feel afraid to do this, ready to make changes to the world no matter how small or big these changes, and live a happy life according to their good nature.

Well, to introduce the positive nature of a leader to a child, you can do it in several ways, one of which is to do creative games. There are many types of creative games that you can do, ranging from role play, building bricks, composing lego, or as simple as recycle used items. Here are some of the benefits of creative games for children to sharpen their leadership, as reported by Mother.ly’s page.

1. Creative games can allow your child to express themselves as they like and what they are at that moment.

2. Your child can explore their talents, interests and likes, experiment and decide how they can use them in the real world.

3. Creative exploration opens the whole world more flexibly, and increases until they are satisfied with the end result.

4. When creating games, your child can develop great confidence in their own skills and talents.

5. Creative games allow plenty of space to celebrate your own child’s personality.

You can assign children to be leaders during play sessions. They can create time and creative games that are not only limited to art and craft, but further than that.

To truly maintain your child’s leadership mindset, every creative experience must always be led by children. Otherwise, this aspect of creativity will most likely be controlled, limited, and shaped towards a certain direction or agenda by you as a parent.


This game increases communication skills because students learn how to hold conversations on diverse topics. TABLETOPICS includes 135 questions relating to ethics, integrity, values, and respect

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