Confidence Increases Children’s Creativity

Confidence Increases Children's Creativity Best Of Creativity

Building Children’s Confidence is Easy

Sometimes we just need to be armed with simple media to stimulate the creativity of children. The principle, as long as we allow children to feel confident when exploring the media, then their creativity and imagination will increase.

Try with various colors of grated coconut. Give grated coconut to toddlers, then pay attention to their behavior.

Who would have thought, the colorful grated coconut that we give to the Little One to play, it is not just training their eyes and hands coordination.

They were very happy to pour the grated coconut from one container to another, then they could also pretend to make colorful layer cakes, tore them apart, ruffled them, and even played truck cars with grated coconut as obstacles on the streets. It’s great isn’t it?

The conditions are simple, namely no restraints. There is no prohibition as long as nothing is dangerous. Curbing will weaken his confidence.

Just imagine if you want to be like this you can’t and want to do it too, or you can’t, finally the child chooses to stay quiet and not move. As a result, children cannot channel the creativity they have.

Let the child explore. Parents, avoid hyperparenting. We as parents always want the best for our children, but if our behavior turns off children’s confidence, the impact is certainly not good for them.

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Taster LEGO R Serious Play R method with Chrissi Nerantzi from Confidence Increases Children’s Creativity,

Hyperparenting will hamper children’s creativity because they become afraid to explore.

What they want to do is stopped. Even children can be timid. Furthermore, his pleasure or hobby does not develop. They can experience setbacks, the brain is not honed so that the creativity of the child is shackled.

Self-confidence is very influential for the growth of children’s creativity. Self-confident children will easily carry out self-actualization. His self-esteem will rise, especially if parents complete it with positive reinforcement.

If this is the case, the child is more enthusiastic about moving, moving and moving. His ideas seemed to flow easily and children were free to make it happen with pleasure.

Another example of increasing creativity through simple media is with objects around the kitchen. Spoons and forks are not just for eating, let children try it for other things, for example to create paint.

Raw macaroni is not only for cooking, but children can braid it as a bracelet or doll hair.

Children only need free space and freedom to express their self-confidence. Parents, let’s stop hyperparenting.

An easy way to increase children’s creativity.

Want to have smart and high-achieving children? Let’s apply the following 10 ways to increase children’s creativity.

1. Don’t scold the child for making mistakes

Children who are always scolded will feel afraid to make mistakes. In fact, creativity requires a risk-taking attitude. So, do not anger the child if he makes an unintentional mistake. Without mistakes, he will never learn.

2. Create a loving family atmosphere

A conducive family atmosphere affects children’s creativity. Create a sense of security, protection, and love so that children feel their existence recognized and needed in the family.

3. Grow children’s confidence

Confidence is the first thing that must be owned so that children can think and be creative. If he is shy and not confident, he does not dare to express himself outside the habit of seeing it everyday.

4. Let the child explore

Since the age of a few months, the child is equipped with high curiosity. Let them continue to explore the world around them. Fulfill his curiosity if he asks the father or mother, or make it a habit for them to find out for themselves first, for example through observation, reading books, the internet, etc.

5. Let the child imagine

Reading stories to children every night, is one way to train his imagination. Imagination can be trained also by giving drawing activities, composing stories, or playing role play. Role play is a game of pretending to be someone else or practicing activities that are usually done everyday, for example playing doctors, playing cooking, playing school-school, etc.

6. More advice than prohibitions

Children and adults do not like being banned. Every prohibition on turning off creativity. Instead, give advice on what he should do, not forbid it. However, under certain conditions if you are forced you must strictly prohibit.

7. Give activities that stimulate creativity

Playing music, drawing, making crafts and extra-curricular activities such as drama can stimulate creativity. In addition, this activity can be a refresher so that children are not saturated with the same activities every day.

8. Give enough playing time

Playing is a means for learning. Choose toys that are suitable for the child’s age, so that each toy can be used to stimulate its development. When playing, the child is free to do what he normally does, and that is the way to give him the opportunity to think creatively.

9. Prevent stress in children

Don’t overtake strict study and tutoring schedules. Poor children who don’t have free time to play at will. Stress turns off creativity. Routines to curb children and adults to think creatively.

10. Give children the opportunity to think for themselves

Children who are always given a solution will not get used to thinking alone. Starting from simple things, let him find a solution and do what he thinks is best. We can give direction and correction if he is wrong, but let him be in control.

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