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In choosing a child’s school, there are many things parents must consider. In addition to the problem of costs, the location of the school, also the child’s ability must be considered.

Children do not have an obligation to fulfill a parent’s dream that has not materialized. So choosing a child’s school should not be based on parent’s ambitions alone.

The ambition of parents to send their children to school can destroy the future of children.

In choosing a child’s school, the important thing parents must pay attention to is the compatibility of the school with the child. From the learning system, school environment, to culture at the school.

And here are some tips that Parents can imitate in choosing a child’s school.

Factors in children

Child’s age. Avoid putting children in school when they are toddlers. Because before a child is 7 years old, his brain is immature and has not been able to learn calistung. So, there is no need to rush to get children into school.

Child potential. If the child has talent in the field of sports, try to enter a school that has sports activities. So that his talents can be channeled.

Stages of child development

Children learn to socialize. School is a place where children hang out, so as early as possible teach them to socialize. The trick, invite children to be with their peers before entering school age.

Children must be guided to follow school rules.

Too pampering the child, making him break the rules of the school is not good. Children must be accustomed to following the rules, so that they are free from selfish behavior that can harm themselves.

Develop children’s emotional intelligence. Every child has different intelligence, also different learning methods. Find the most effective way to learn for children. Can it be through visual, audio or kinesthetic.

Introducing children to sports and art. Children must move their bodies frequently, so that their brains can develop. Sports and art must be introduced to him as early as possible.

choosing the right school
Choosing the Right School from choosing the right college ,

Personality character

Active. Active children must go to schools that have sports activities.
Hobby. Look for schools where children can channel their hobbies.Confidence. Schools where children build self-confidence. A friendly school environment can support her confidence.
Happy to learn. Learning systems and teachers are fun, can make children feel at home in school. There is nothing wrong with Parents visiting school and chatting with teachers there to find out about their teaching methods and teaching systems.
Problem solving is an ability that must be mastered by children. Avoid schools that only apply memorization without ways to solve a problem in children.

Before choosing a child’s school, know what kind of intelligence the child has. In order not to choose the wrong school for him. Never enter children who have intelligence in the field of language to medical or accounting schools, because children will not be difficult to achieve.

Parents’ desires vs. children’s desires

Involve children in choosing schools, so that they feel they have a stake in their future.
Invite children to talk about what they like and don’t like. Also learning preferences
Explain the wishes of parents to children. If you can compromise, then it’s better.

Look at the school system

From the school side, there are 3 things Parents should consider before entering the child into the school. Namely:

School location. Try to keep the school not too far from home, because it can make it difficult for children. Time is wasted on the road, fighting congestion, when school children in distant places can make children tired and not focus on learning.
Study time. Parents must also consider the child’s needs to play and rest. Learning hours are too long to stress children, and make their achievements decline.
A good education system, will make children reach their full potential. But if on the contrary, the child will continue to study without achieving anything. Choose balanced.

Encourage children to excel in fields that they master
As discussed in the previous point, every child has intelligence in a different field. If the child is forced to excel in a field that is not his expertise, when he fails he can feel himself unable. In fact, he just hasn’t developed his skills.

Therefore, it is important for parents to know the children’s intelligence potential as early as possible. In order to be able to encourage him to achieve in the field he mastered.

If a child has achievements according to his abilities, he will not feel inferior if he has weaknesses in other fields. Maximize its potential in the fields that it controls.

For example, children have talents and abilities in the field of sports. Enter him in a school that has sports activities. And don’t humble him just because he can’t afford to excel in class. Praise him for his achievements in the sport.

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