The Guide To Baby Photography

Baby Photography

You don’t need to have an expensive camera or hire the services of a famous photographer to take pictures of babies to be more adorable. Moms can actually take pictures at home.

It doesn’t matter what type of camera Moms has to get maximum shooting results. Moms can apply some of the tips and tricks below.

1. Set the Right Time

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One of the benefits of doing baby photography yourself, you can determine when it is right to do it. Remember, it’s not easy to keep a baby quiet or sit quietly for a photo shoot.

If you photograph in the studio, you must adjust the schedule with the photographer. By doing it yourself, you are free to determine when the session can be done. Even with different decorations on different days.

You can prepare for several days, weeks or even months. Depending on your readiness as a parent, and baby’s readiness.

2. The Best Lighting

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Don’t use flash from a camera or smartphone when Moms take pictures of babies. In addition to making babies surprised, flash is also not good for baby’s eyes that have not fully developed.

Shooting carried out during the day can take advantage of natural lighting from sunlight, no matter what gadget Moms use. Place the blanket as a base or shooting background outdoors or near the door and glass, then start shooting.

 3. Photographing When Babies Sleep

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Sleep can be the most appropriate moment for photographing a newborn. Because as long as your child falls asleep, Moms can change his pose at will.

But this will be a big problem if your child is a few weeks or months old. Will need an extra struggle to make him fall asleep during the photo session. So, consider the next tips.

4. Note Camera Settings

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Don’t forget to pay attention to the camera settings before Moms starts shooting. To capture the spontaneous movements and expressions of the baby’s natural emotions subtly, use the continuous shooting mode on the camera. This mode will make the camera take multiple photos at once in a few seconds.

If Moms decides to use DSLR or mirrorless, a focal length of 50-80mm is highly recommended for photographing babies. While the lens problem can use 24-70mm – 50mm.

5. Clothing and Property Support

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Before photographing babies, of course Moms also need to determine and prepare in advance what clothes and supporting properties will be used. Be careful not to decorate the photo shoot and you should use colors and textures that are no more prominent than your little one as the main model.

In dressing the Little One for a photo shoot, remember to consider the suitability of the clothes with the background used. If Moms shoots more than one baby, it is also very important to ensure that the clothes they wear complement each other.

Supporting properties or props that can be used for baby photography include:

  • Knitted blankets to introduce colors and textures
  • Swaddles to make babies feel safe and comfortable
  • Synthetic fur carpets, very suitable for use together with wooden crates or baby baskets
  • Baby hats and headbands
  • Baby’s favorite rattles and toys
  • Balloons and flowers
6. Baby Pose

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There are actually many ways to help Moms get more photos with various poses during a photo session. Interact with babies from behind the camera for example or play with funny sounds and faces to make him smile and chuckle.

This is the easiest and most fun way to get various poses and expressions from Little One. Moms can also use props or toys around the Little One.

For babies who have moved a lot, take photos as long as the Little One does various favorite activities. For example, such as when the sedan crawls, stands up, learns to walk, reaches for toys, and so on. As long as what the Little One does is safe and remains under surveillance.

7. Ensure baby safety

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Newborn graphy – Beautiful baby boy Hugo from baby photography ,

When and wherever you take a photo session, make sure the security factor is the priority. Don’t come, just for the sake of good photos you ignore this important thing.

Remember, the baby’s body is still fragile and vulnerable. Do not force his small body to do poses impossible, which can endanger his health. Ask your husband for help to make sure all the poses and places to do the photos are safe for the little one.

8. Make sure the baby feels comfortable and happy

A good photo session can be done if the baby feels comfortable and happy. Of course you will find it difficult to get a good pose if the baby cries and does not want to be quiet.

Therefore, the comfort factor must be carefully considered. Does his body feel warm, is his stomach full enough, and he wants to shut up without being carried.

Try to take a photo session when the baby is playing, such as the morning after he bathes and suckles. Or another time when babies are usually silent and like to be invited to play.

9. Parents take photos

Often, mothers are embarrassed to take pictures with their children. The shape of the body that changes after giving birth or an unkempt appearance because it is busy taking care of the baby.

But remember, baby photography is about making memories and perpetuating them. Among the 10 photos of the baby, make one photo of which is a baby photo with you. Remember, that moment will never happen again. Put yourself in the photo as part of your baby’s memories with you.

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