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Authoritative Parenting Inspirational Does Your Parenting Style Affect Your Child S Character

Authoritarian parents usually impose many restrictions and rules without explaining the reasons behind them. Children usually grow up to be disciplined figures, but can also someday become rebels because they are bored with facing military-like parenting.

Distinguishing Traits of Authoritative Parenting Styles

The traits of authoritative parenting are fairly different from the other parenting styles. These parents are considered to be flexible because they encourage independent thinking. There is also a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to the ways the parents and children communicate with each other.

List of Traits

This style requires consistency enforcing rules and discipline, when necessary. This consistency is thought to be fair to the children because they always know exactly what to expect from their parents. Here are some of the distinguishing traits of this type of parent:

Communication – these parents listen to the opinions and concerns of their children and consider them valid. Options are discussed together, not just decided and ruled upon by the parents.

Independence – authoritative parenting means encouraging children to be independent with their way of thinking and general choices.

Behavior – these parents put very strict limits on what negative behavior they will accept. The children know what is expected of them at all times. The consequences of negative behavior are understood and are consistent.

Nurturing – parents nurture their children and show them sympathy, empathy and a lot of love and caring.

Discipline – this particular style requires consistency when disciplining the children. The discipline will be fair and discussed with the children before administering so that they have a full understanding of their errors and the consequences.

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Understanding Why Authoritative Parenting Works

When deciding on the best parenting style for you, keep in mind that authoritative parenting is really all about being a positive role model for your children. This style is about parents practicing the behavior that they want their children to practice as well. This includes managing emotions and showing understanding, sympathy and empathy for others.

By promoting independence in their children, parents create a sense of accomplishment, self-respect, self-worth and self-confidence. This parental consistency, along with flexibility, is thought to be the key to the success of this popular form of parenting styles.

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When considering your style of parenting as you raise your kids, seriously reflect on these tips.

1. Come up with a set of clear limits and boundaries for your children’s behaviors. (They will most likely refer to these as ‘rules.’) Have these ‘rules’ be reasonable and age appropriate.

2. Have consequences and rewards set for every ‘rule.’

3. Have a lesson included with all the consequences and rewards.

4. Explain these ‘rules’ and all consequences and rewards associated with them.

5. Listen to all questions and reactions. You may have missed a valid point.

6. Be Patient, when you set and explain the ‘rules.’

7. Be prepared to repeat the ‘rules,’ consequences and rewards as many times as necessary.

8. Whenever your child forgets or disregards the ‘rules,’ avoid shouting, or punishing your children. When you lose your patience and start yelling, you are just worsening the situation. You will also create stress for you and your children. Children do not always understand shouting. They do not understand why you are shouting at them, and they only see it in as frightening and stop thinking.

9. Behave as you would have your children behave. Your children will see you as a role model rather than a disciplinarian.

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In addition, please consider these thoughts. When looking up the word ‘authoritarian,’ what I found was words that sent a shiver down my spine. Such words are, rigid, strict, severe, demanding, and controlling. I also looked up the word authority. Here I found more positive words including, ability, influence, and talent. These words sound like a better direction to follow. You will want your children to think of you as an authority. As someone, they can trust and follow always. You will want to influence their behavior decisions, even when they are away from home. Sometimes, your children will even be able to understand the need for limits and boundaries, sometimes.

Having your children grow to be well-rounded individuals requires more than just ‘rules.’ You will want them to happy, content, successful, independent, confident, articulate, generous, and kind adults. Using a strictly authoritative parenting style may cause more difficulties down the road than you may want to face.

And what is the distinction between authoritative and authoritarian parenting?

It’s all regarding the exercise of power. consider the authoritarian parent as a drill sergeant. Do it now, or else! The drill sergeant tries to induce his means through threats and coercion.

By distinction, the authoritative parent aims to inspire cooperation by fostering positive feelings, and teaching youngsters the explanations for the principles.

Authoritative folks communicate several heat to their youngsters. They avoid exploitation harsh or discretionary punishments. they’re less doubtless to shame their youngsters, or conceive to management youngsters by retreating love.

And once their kids build mistakes or move, they speak with them regarding it. They hear their children’s considerations, and take them into consideration. they assist youngsters decipher what went wrong, and justify the implications of excellent and unhealthy behavior.

So whereas they need similar-looking names, there’s a giant distinction between authoritative and authoritarian parenting.

Authoritative folks are not simply making an attempt to enforce compliance. They acknowledge and encourage a child’s sense of autonomy. they require youngsters to develop self-discipline, maturity, and a respect for others. and that they approach these goals by providing concrete recommendation and emotional support.

Summed up, some researchers have delineated it this way: Authoritative folks square measure extremely stern (like authoritarian parents), however they’re additionally terribly alert to their children’s wants (Maccoby and Martin 1983).

That’s the classic definition of the authoritative parenting vogue, and, exploitation this definition, researchers have known the authoritative folks throughout the planet.

But not each authoritative parent runs his or her family constant means. there’s some vital variation, significantly once it involves what proportion of a “vote” kids get throughout family decision-making.

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